Ablation: Burning Her Uterus The New Medical Disaster

It's a common complaint in women's health: heavy bleeding. Women have been contending with this nuisance for thousands of years. However, most women don't know all of their options for reducing uterine bleeding. The majority of women are not being educated by their doctors about natural, non-invasive treatment options. Instead, they more often than not suggest a uterine ablation. From what most patients report, the conversation is very casual. It starts with the doctor or nurse asking about her flow and if it is excessive. If they say yes, and they feel they are finished having children it's highly recommended. It's described to them as easy, painless, usually covered mostly by insurance and they can go back to work the next day. Some even tell their patients it could help with their PMS or PMDD but the evidence supporting this suggestion is hard to find.

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One such study of showed significant improvement with PMS but shockingly, the study was funded by a grant by the company Hologic that makes the machine that burns the endometrial lining of women's uteri called "Novasure". That makes this study suspect of shady intentions that could affect the outcome. Additionally, the study only included 36 women. That doesn't represent a very fair analysis of our female population whatsoever.

In comparison, there is a study 

The role of treatment timing and mode of stimulation in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea with acupuncture: An exploratory randomized controlled trial

Public Library of Science

Published: July 12, 2017  that prove acupuncture can reduce menstrual pain by 50%. That would be enough to thwart the need for a uterine ablation for many women, yet no one is being told their options for treatment. Additionally, this study was funded appropriately and was twice as large. Funding: This study was funded in part by the Australian federal government via their Australian postgraduate award to MA. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

In the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology  , a respected medical journal, they clearly show acupuncture as a viable option yet, why are so few OBGYN's educating their patients about their options before offering an irreversible option that could make endometrial cancer difficult if not impossible to detect? Most patients are not told that there is a risk of reduced sensation when having an orgasm. Many don't think they will never have pain free intercourse and even more yet are not told the exponential increase in the likelihood that they will need to have a hysterectomy in five years. Each year after the risk of needing a hysterectomy skyrockets each year thereafter. Is it true that some women find this procedure to be a god-send? Yes, at least so far.

Are there serious complications from endometrial ablation?  You bet. Are they being talked about in office, not often enough.   PubMed has published some interesting studies:  Long term complications, effects of undiagnosed deep adenomyosis, risk factors of pain and possible hysterectomy,  and post uterine ablation it's hard to diagnose endometrial cancer.

Before you even considering burning the lining of your uterus permanently you really want to do your due diligence and ask the hard questions: are you ok with having less potent orgasms? Are you comfortable with having a hysterectomy and needing hormone therapy? Does the risk of endometrial cancer outweigh the challenge of having a heavy flow for several days? Is your blood loss resulting in the need for blood transfusions or do you just have to use the restroom more often? Have you tried using a larger tampon? Have you gone to an acupuncturist and herbalist? Ask the hard questions. Talk with your husband or partner. Is it really worth the risk of chronic pain, additional surgeries that can lead to more surgeries to address your bladder dropping. This is a very serious decision, where all options that are less invasive should be tried first.  




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