Kristen N. Burris L.Ac., (Four Year Master’s Degree)
Fertility, Women’s Health, & Anti-Aging Expert

Notable Achievements:

  • Business Woman of the Year NAWBO National Association of Women Business Owners

  • Business Person of the Year Eagle Chamber

  • Top DOC Eagle, Idaho

Treats the Most Challenging Fertility Cases Including:

  • Unexplained Female Infertility

  • Endometriosis

  • Annovulation

  • Amenorrhea

  • Irregular CyclesOBGYN seeks natural fertility

  • Heavy Bleeding

  • Spotting Between Cycles

  • Habitual Miscarriage

  • High FSH Levels or

  • Been Diagnosed As “Your Eggs are Too Old”

  • Low AMH or “poor ovarian reserve”

  • PCOS- Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • Blood Clotting Disorder

  • Auto Immune Disorder

  • Hypo-Thyroidism

  • Poor Responder to Fertility Drugs

  • Hyper Stimulate with Fertility Drugs

  • Thin Uterine Lining

  • Failed IUI’s (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

  • Failed IVF’sFertility baby 2

  • Anemia

  • Dysmenorrhea

  • Short Luteal Phase

  • Long Luteal Phase

  • Previously Told “There is Nothing We Can Do For You, Your only option now is egg donor or sperm donor or embryo adoption or adoption”

If you don’t see your medical condition listed please call our Fertility Specialists for a Review

This is NOT an exhaustive list, simply the most common

In our practice when evaluations are tracked we have a 71-92% Success Rate within the first year of treatment and a 39-58% Success Rate with each subsequent year of treatment thereafter. Typically those who require more than one year of treatment are women and men in their late 40’s. Remember over a 12 month period women are “twice as likely, in 1/3 of the time to get pregnant using Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine compared to In Vitro Fertilization IVF or Fertility Drugs.” Our treatment costs for an entire year (12 cycles) is similar to the cost of only one month IVF treatment at a traditional fertility center. Many patients get pregnant in the first 2-9 months. Rarely does a patient get pregnant in the first month of treatment (9.6% of the time).

Keep in mind we are treating the most difficult and dire fertility cases because our patients find us typically late in their fertility medical treatments. Many patients have been suffering 2-7 years before they gratefully find our practice. We are hopeful with even more studies, more media coverage and more acceptance in the medical community that we will soon be your first option and referral, not your last resort. Until then, we are humbled to be part of this wonderful, exhausting, emotional, disappointing and ultimately fulfilling medical, spiritual and emotional challenge.

Kristen suggested a technique to move the embryo down the Fallopian tube- and it worked! Miraculously, our baby boy made his way down the tube the doctors wanted to remove
— Angela, Idaho
Come with us and visit some of our successful alumni! See what they are doing now in the world of integrative medicine. Our first stop is Idaho, with Pacific College Alumnus Kristen Burris, LAc. Visit Kristen at:
Kristen Burris L.Ac., Four Year Master’s Degree

Kristen Burris L.Ac., Four Year Master’s Degree

I had been to a previous acupuncturist before, but the comparison was not even close. Despite our previous 2% odds given by a reproductive endocrinologist, we were pregnant.
— Katy, Idaho
If you have been struggling to get or stay pregnant, told you must do IVF or you have less than 1% chance of conceiving or your eggs are too old, this video was made for you. You have medical options that you didn't know existed.
KTVB 7-News story on the use of acupuncture to treat infertility. Story features the amazing work of acupuncturist Kristen Burris, L.Ac. and how her Boise-area clinic, Eagle Acupuncture, has helped women conceive when they thought that they couldn't. For more information call our clinic at (208) 938-1277 or visit our website at!


- Dr. Kelly Siudzinski, Idaho

We are forever grateful to Kristen and Tony for helping us achieve not just one healthy pregnancy, but three!!! This after being told we would need IVF. Tony has also treated one of children who had GI issues. He is wonderful, kind and gentle!


Tony A. Burris L.Ac., Four Year Master’s Degree

Fertility, Men’s Health, Sport Injury, Weight Loss Expert

Treats Male Infertility Including:

  • Unexplained Male Infertility (when labs are perfect but the couple is still struggling to get or stay pregnant)

  • Poor Sperm Count

  • Poor Morphology

  • Poor Motility

  • Been Told “There is nothing that can be done for you” or “Your only option is sperm donation or embryo adoption”

Rest assured our fertility treatments for men and women never consist of needling reproductive organs or external genitalia. This is a common misconception that keeps many men from getting any fertility treatments.

Our fertility treatments consist of an extensive evaluation of your medical history, prior fertility treatments if any, using medicine that has been used for billions of treatments.sleeping miracles newborn all natural

We customize every fertility treatment to specifically fit the person we are treating. We do not restrict ourselves to protocols or limit ourselves to an in-house herbal pharmacy.

We Offer These Services to Treat Complicated Fertility Problems for Men and Women:

  • Accupuncture

  • E-Stim Acupuncture

  • Moxabustion

  • Traditional Herbal Medicine

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin Therapy

  • Fertile Foods Consultation

  • Emotional Support

  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong Stress Relieving Exercises

  • Healthy Weight Loss Program

  • Lifestyle Changes to Enhance Fertility

Tony Burris L.Ac., Four Year Master’s Degree

Tony Burris L.Ac., Four Year Master’s Degree

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