testimony Anna MillerAnna Miller​
Boise, Idaho
“We just welcomed baby number three into our family and I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude towards Kristen and the service she provides. When I came to Eagle Acupuncture, I was 28 and my husband and I had been trying for our second child for over two years. I had suffered a miscarriage ten months before and was receiving the “usual” infertility treatment from my OB/GYN. They didn’t do any testing to see why I was unable to get pregnant again, but instead gave me infertility medication and referred me to the infertility specialist in town for IVF as my only other treatment option. I have never been one for medicating a problem if it means masking it rather than fixing it, so I reached out to Eagle Acupuncture after some serious internet searching. My search led me to believe most infertility acupuncture works along with the infertility medication my doctor gave me, so I started my first round of the medicine two days before my visit with Kristen. She was disappointed to hear I had begun taking the pills before she was able to start treatment but she began the first month doing what she could and the next month she was able to work with my body without the artificial hormones.

Kristen is warm, caring, and she gave me hope at a time when I had none. She took care of my body, mind and heart as one. Kristen helped remind me how important and powerful the body-mind connection is and led me to thank my body for all the ways it was responding to treatments and all it could do rather than scold it for how it was “failing me”. I have always been afraid of needles and, as such never believed I would be okay with acupuncture – but I found myself looking forward to the treatments more and more. The needles were mostly undetectable and I treasured the time I was on the treatment table; it was my time each week to relax, pray, meditate, and even nap.

My treatments started out twice a week and were then reduced to once a week. Kristen recommended some quality vitamins and supplements as well as some herbs, and while I was worried about money I knew it was vastly less expensive than what I would pay for a specialty doctor. I was told the statistics of how treatments can lead to pregnancy and was hopeful that I might be pregnant within six months. I got my positive pregnancy test just two months after my first visit with Kristen. My husband and I couldn’t believe how blessed we were but I was terrified of it resulting in another miscarriage. Kristen treated me and reassured me throughout the entire pregnancy and I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl at 41 weeks.

After the birth, I was concerned I would need to start acupuncture every time I wanted to get pregnant, but Kristen reassured me that I only needed to come in if I was having health issues or wanted to and that getting pregnant again shouldn’t be an issue. My family moved to Virginia a year later, and I reminded myself to trust my body and have since given birth to my third child.

I recommend Kristen to anyone who will listen and urge them to see her before taking as long as I did. Her acupuncture should be a first step rather than a last, but thankfully, she works her magic no matter where you are in your journey. ”

Katy, Seth, Alice and Baby Ian C.​
“Kristen and Tony Burris are legitimate miracle workers. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility will several failed interventions under our belt before we found Kristen. We even had an IVF round that yielded no embryo growth under the care of a reproductive endocrinologist. I had been to a previous acupuncturist before, but the comparison was not even close. When we sat down with Kristen, she listened, took notes and came up with a plan. Her caring manner and attention to every detail, among many other things, sets her apart from the rest. In her care, you know you are doing something that is going to be big. We also had many experiences with Tony, who again, like Kristen, is overall a wonderful human being. It’s hard to put into words how you feel around both Tony and Kristen, but I was definitely more at peace when I was receiving treatments.
After 5 months of treatments, herbs and supplements, despite our previous 2% odds given by a reproductive endocrinologist, we were pregnant. No additional interventions needed, just acupuncture. The joy of sitting on Kristen’s table, telling her “you did it,” will never leave my memory. She truly has a gift. I had a fairly relaxed pregnancy and continued regular treatments during that time as well. When we were ready to try for #2, even though I knew often times, patients of Kristen and Tony didn’t need any help with additional pregnancies, I was terrified. Imagine my surprise when after 1 month of trying, I got to sit on Kristen’s table again and tell her, “we’re pregnant!”
I can never thank Eagle Acupuncture enough for the gifts they’ve given me and my family. There really is no real way to repay them. They are truly miracle workers who clearly love what they do and are fabulous at it!”

testimony AngelaAngela
“Pregnancy loss. A club no one wants to be a part of, but one I found myself in about a year and a half ago due to an ectopic pregnancy…not once…but twice. Losing two chances at fulfilling my dream of a baby within 3 months time sent me to a dark place and was the most devastating time of my life. As someone who has always wanted to be a mama, the pain was almost unbearable and the strength it took to get through each day came from a reserve that I didn’t know I had. I was lost and confused and just plain sad. Surgery was suggested to me, but it was not imperative, so I decided to look at other options. After researching some natural alternatives to heal my body, I came across Eagle Acupuncture and knew I wanted to give them a try. I had nothing to lose. Boy, am I glad I found them! Doctors could not explain why I had experienced two ectopic pregnancies. I am healthy and none of the typical factors for an ectopic applied to me. It was a mystery. Kristen suggested a technique to help move the egg down the fallopian tube- and it worked! Miraculously, our baby boy made his way down the tube doctors wanted to remove. Her kindness and understanding not only helped to heal my soul and give me hope, but her knowledge and expertise helped to heal my body so that my husband and I could conceive our son. Her continued support throughout my pregnancy has been amazing and so reassuring- and the sessions are so relaxing! I am currently 7 months pregnant and our baby boy is healthy and active! I have continued to see Kristen throughout my pregnancy and I plan to continue to see her after I give birth as I heal. I look forward to bringing my baby in to see Kristen, as I trust she can treat most anything and anyone! Life is hard. This is something that connects us all, even though each of our situations is unique. If you are struggling with something, go talk with Kristen! It was the best decision I could have made.”

testimony Tami H.Tami H.
Melba, ID
“ I knew I needed something to get my cycle going again after our last baby (he is 2 years now) if we were going to be able to get pregnant again. After doing a bit of research online, I knew that Kristen and her team were the only ones I wanted to see; experts in their field with real experience in all things fertility and real results! Their questions and intake forms were very detailed prior to treatment and thus they were able to personalize my treatment perfectly for what my body needed. It took just a couple sessions and I was able to ovulate (my cycle is not very regular) and then we got a positive pregnancy test just a few weeks later! We were thrilled and couldn’t be happier that we found a specialist in fertility in our greater area (we live in Melba) who is so good at what they do!
We continued to see Kristen until she got us safely through the first trimester (we suffered a miscarriage just months prior to seeing Kristen) and at the end of the pregnancy to balance my body in preparation for labor. Now we have our 3 month old safely in our arms and she is the heart that keeps our home going. We are so in love.”

testimony Rachel Pyron strongwomanRachel Pyron
National Strongwoman Winner
Eagle, ID
“As a competitive athlete, I have tried various types of therapy and rehabilitation techniques. After a slight injury I received, I was somewhat apprehensive about trying acupuncture, but had come to the point that I would try anything. After months of receiving very little progress with other therapies, I messaged Tony Burris at Eagle Acupuncture. After my first visit with Tony, I left with more pain relief than I had felt in months, prior to my injury. I could extend my neck! I was so relieved. With weekly treatments leading up to Strongwoman Nationals, I was able to continue training and won first place in my division. I can’t thank Tony enough for his support and understanding in helping me to be a healthy individual and athlete. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking for sport therapy, as well as relief from life stress or simple relaxation. Acupuncture is nothing to fear and I am very thankful for Eagle Acupuncture and will continue to receive care leading up to my next competition, the world championship at the Arnold Classic.”

testimony Eliza TrueEliza True
Nampa, ID
“I came to Kristen after just experiencing a miscarriage. We had been trying for 4 years prior to the miscarriage, and were completely devastated. After just 3 months of acupuncture and herbs prescribed by Kristen, we became pregnant with a daughter! She is now 2 years old, and we just welcomed our son at the beginning of January. We are so thankful we had no trouble getting pregnant with our son, and we know acupuncture healed my body for good!”

testimony sara jSarah Jacobson
Boise, ID
“I started seeing Tony Burris for acupuncture treatments because I was under large amounts of stress between work and personal life. The stress was becoming so much that I could feel pain in my legs, feet and ankles, up my back and in my neck and shoulders. My hands were tight little balls that wouldn’t relax. My shoulders were so tight, they were practically touching my ears. Ever since my first session with Tony, I have felt like a new person. The tension is gone in my shoulders, I don’t feel any more pain in my legs and my body feels so much better. Even though the stress of work and life has not gone away, I really feel that Tony has helped my body release the tension and stress instead of hold on to it. He has truly changed my life and I will refer anyone and everyone to him that might be experiencing the same symptoms. Thank you!

testimony gina sGina Santucci
Eagle, ID

“After two months of chronic pain, many medications and several painful procedures all of which failed I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. It is a painful bladder syndrome that I was told had no cure. I was given a list of foods not… to eat and was suggested physical therapy. While researching IC on the Mayo Clinic website it suggested acupuncture as a treatment. I made an appointment with Tony at Eagle Acupuncture and after four visits my pain was gone. This was my first time to receive acupuncture and I am so happy to be pain free and grateful for Tony’s professionalism and compassion. The treatments are very relaxing and my over all well being has greatly improved. I highly recommend Eagle Acupuncture.”

testimony sara jVeronica M.
Boise, ID
“”I was a patient of Kristen’s awhile back in October 2016. I was seeing Kristen for fertility issues specifically my PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). I was wanting so badly to get pregnant and I had been trying for a couple of years. Long story short I had been seeing her for about a month, on top of seeing the chiropractor, taking supplements etc. I was basically trying everything, acupuncture was the last stop before we seriously looked at IVF and adoption. By the time I had started to see Kristen I was pretty overwhelmed with everything else and just so tired of all the trying…(I) found out that I was pregnant right after that! I had a baby boy…July …2017. I’m sending this email because I just wanted to say thank you to Kristen and I just haven’t had a chance to stop by yet. I know that the acupuncture was what finally did it for me and helped me get pregnant. I’m so grateful for all of the help and the kindness that was shown to me each time I was in the office. I have spoken to other women in similar situations and have referred them over so I hope they make the trip out to visit you guys. Thank you again .”

testimony Peter HPeter Huestis
Eagle, ID
“I wanted to write and let you know how happy I was that I came to Tony and had acupuncture treatment for my problems- at the Seven Oaks charity auction last Fall, I bid on and won a package from Eagle Acupuncture that provided an initial a…ssessment and treatment. I purchased their donation package because I have had chronic congestion, as well as some numbness in my left thumb that was not going away, and leg spasms at night. Additionally, I was under a great deal of stress.

I conveyed these symptoms to Tony, he did his initial examination, and proceeded with my first treatment. After my first treatment, I had one of the best nights sleep in a long time. Tony continued to treat me with acupuncture and an herbal supplement, and after a few treatments I noticed a marked improvement in all my symptoms. Additional treatments and I am feeling better than I have in a long time; congestion gone, numbness in finger gone, muscle spasm in leg gone!

I would certainly recommend Tony and Eagle Acupuncture to anyone who has problems that don’t seem to resolve by traditional Western Medicine methods.”

testimony Kari CKari Christiansen
Boise, ID
“After suffering a lower back injury, I went through a long series of treatments from my chiropractor without finding relief. In the past I had found this to be a pretty reliable method of treatment, but this time I had barely made progres…s. After having over twenty (20) treatments over a two-month period, I was still experiencing intense pain and had not been able to resume my five-day a week exercise routine or even the most basic of my daily activities. It was depressing to be in so much pain for such a long time and not be able to actively participate in my own life. I was just desperate enough to take the suggestion of a good friend and try acupuncture. I did a little research and decided to make an appointment with Tony Burris. Upon arrival, I found their office to be warm and inviting and the treatment rooms were soothing and peaceful. Tony could not have been more kind and professional and he put me completely at ease. I felt no pain during my treatments with him and after just two treatments, my back pain was completely gone. I was stunned (and thrilled!) I would highly recommend Tony at Eagle Acupuncture for anyone looking for pain relief of any kind. This will be my first go-to method for pain relief in the future and I am grateful to have found this wonderful place of healing in my own community. ”

Boise, ID

“It’s the feeling of wishing I had known then what I know now. But we can’t go back in time, and we can’t always know. I was desperate, however, and even as well informed and educated as I thought I was – I was wrong. But then desperation often leads us down drastic paths. Paths, that even with the best of intentions, leave us with regret. I wish I knew about acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine before I had the ablation, as that’s where much of this path of regret and desperation began. Since the birth of my last child three years prior I began experiencing extremely heavy periods with excessive bleeding that impacted my personal and professional life. To address that, it was recommended that I get an ablation. For the first year and a half it was great, I didn’t have another period and no more bleeding problems. But then the constant abdominal pain started and nothing seemed to bring relief.

I was diagnosed with post ablation syndrome where all of the veins in my uterus were enlarged and causing the constant pain. On top of that I began to have severe bladder prolapse. I was advised by three doctors to get a hysterectomy and a bladder sling. I was devastated by this news. Not because I wanted more children. I had four and was done with that part of my life. But I was afraid of surgery, the risks, the changes, and the unknown. But more than anything, I knew the physical aspects of my sexual life would change once they took my uterus and cervix. We aren’t supposed to talk about those things. They are meant to be private, and yet such an important part of our lives. I asked every question I could think of and every possible option. In the end, I needed to be pain free and a functioning mother and professional, so I gave in and had the surgery. I had one of the best surgeons in the area. I had some initial complications getting my bladder to cooperate again the first week after surgery, but I committed to resting and healing.

The first three or four months were focused on recovery, and while I struggled with the physical changes, I began to be over overwhelmed by the psychological and emotional changes. I stopped feeling like me. I couldn’t recognize myself in my own skin: it was like living in a constant fog filled with sadness, rage, frustration, and confusion. My hormones tanked, even though I hadn’t lost my ovaries they clearly quit working.

There I was, more desperate than I’d ever been, truly at my lowest of lows, afraid I might not ever be me again. My doctor prescribed Lexapro to help take the edge off while we tracked my hormones to determine treatment. One pill was all I took and within two hours I experienced severe nausea, diarrhea, heart racing, weakness in my legs and uncontrollable tremors. I ended up in the emergency room with serotonin toxicity. Afraid to try anything else, and knowing it was hormonal I sought out the doctor who gave me the second opinion about the surgery. Because I was only 39 she was reluctant to try hormone replacement therapy but asked if I would consider a low-dose birth control pill. I agreed. Two weeks into taking the pills and I experienced numbness and weakness in my left shoulder and arm, facial numbness, and chest pain. There I was, again in the emergency room, and this time told I could never take any type of hormones and that I was lucky I didn’t have a stroke and die.

Left with this news, the doctor looked at me and said she didn’t think there was anything that western medicine could do to help me and would I consider trying something different – would I consider acupuncture and herbal medicine. There I was, desperate, and more than desperate I was hopeless. I felt like I had no options. It was this, or give up life altogether. And that’s when I met Kristen and Eagle Acupuncture. I didn’t think there was anything that she could do for me that others hadn’t tried, but I went and I committed myself to her care and direction.

What I’ve experienced, feels to me very much like a miracle. After three treatments I felt the fog lift and felt hope. It took six months, but the difference from when I walked in the door and where I am now is night and day. It’s been more than a year since I had my hysterectomy and even longer since this all started. And, I’ve finally found me again. There were many weeks where a blue sky, or the wind, or simply breathing made me cry, or rage, or crawl so deep inside myself that I was sure I was going crazy. Those days are altogether gone. But I don’t believe this was a miracle at all, I believe that what Kristin did was true medicine. She’s a compassionate, caring, educated, and invested women’s health medical provider.

The regret that have today is that I didn’t know enough to start with her – with acupuncture and herbal medicine – and more than that, that none of my doctors told me I had this option to begin with. And, what I don’t want to regret is sharing my story so that other women know they have choices and that acupuncture and herbal medicine are a true medicine that shouldn’t be a last resort or something to be ashamed or afraid of trying. I can truly say that I owe Kristen much more than a thank you, I owe her my life as mother, a wife, an individual, and a professional. It is because of her care and work as a skilled practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine that I have my health and life back. I think it’s important that others know this too. Thank you Kristen, for everything.”

testimony sara jAmy B.
Caldwell, ID
“I am a mess while pregnant. I had so many issues that I presented to Kristen and she was on top of it! I walked in with a headache I’ve had for weeks and couldn’t get rid of, I battle nausea and vomiting while pregnant, high blood pressure and edema… she addressed my issues and I feel like a new human after one visit!! I can’t wait to see what we can fix together!”

Dr. Ted Kardash, Ph.D.
San Diego, CA

I have known Kristen and Tony for over 15 years, first as students and then as colleagues and friends. In my classes they presented as bright, capable, and motivated young people. They were eager to learn, and willing to apply themselves to gain the knowledge necessary to master the skills of their future profession. They then brought the same hard work and high level of conscientiousness to building a thriving practice and becoming the talented and successful acupuncturists that they are today. As colleagues who are committed to promoting health and well-being, I salute Tony and Kristen for their exceptional efforts. Today they bring an attitude of deep caring and respect for their patients to their work. This adds great power to their medicine and assures them continued success.

Donna McAdams, L.Ac.
Escondido, CA

“Kristen is a caring and professional acupuncturist. She has excellent diagnosis skills, and a very gentle touch with her treatments. Her office is so comfortable and beautifully decorated. As a collegue, I am proud to recommend her!

Greg Bantick, L.Ac.
Melbourne, Australia

“I met Kristen as a Chinese medical student many years ago. She was very motivated, always doing well in class. Kristen showed a deep care and concern for fellow students in practical classes, and later patients in clinic. Following graduation she has continued to train and to develop her clinical skills in the service of others. I recommend her highly.”

Michelle Ringstaff
Oceanside, CA

“Kristen treated me for quite a few years! No matter what my health issues were I always got great results.
I would highly recommend her to everyone!”

Lia Andrews, Owner of Cinnabar Acupuncture
San Diego, CA

“Kristen’s personal warmth and technical competence make her an amazing acupuncturist. She is particularly skilled in the area of fertlity.”

Rebecca Standerfer of Answer Idaho
Eagle, Idaho

“Kristen is a deeply caring and experienced healthcare professional. She takes the time with her clients to learn all she can about ALL the factors that may be influencing a patient’s well being. Kristen is thorough, knowledgeable, flexible and talented. Her patients and the community she works in are important to her and it shows in everything she does!”

Laura Rubenstein
San Diego, CA

“Kristen is a heart-centered expert practitioner. She is passionate about health on all levels. Her thorough intake and evaluation process instilled won me over. One of the most important things I believe a health care provider can offer is listening deeply to what’s going on for a patient on all levels. Kristen has that gift to listen and bring her expertise to the situation at hand. Every time I’ve seen Kristen for acupuncture, she tuned in with what was going on and I achieved greater healing in my body. Thank you ever so much. The Eagle area is lucky to have such an excellent provider.”

Dr. Christopher Peine, D.O.
Eagle, ID

“Although I have recommended acupuncture to many patients in the past, I had never tried it myself until I saw Kristen and Tony Burris. With just a few treatments, my chronic insomnia improved dramatically. Since then, I have sent many patients to Tony and Kristen for various complaints, and all have had excellent results. I wholeheartedly recommend Eagle Acupuncture to anyone interested in addressing their health concerns with traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture.”

Dr. Angela House, D.O.
Eagle, ID

“I have had acupuncture several times in the past for various minor complaints, but never on a consistent basis. I began seeing Kristen Burris two months ago and since then, I have had major improvements. Each time, the service I receive is exceptionally warm, punctual, and professional. Tony and Kristen Burris have years of experience successfully addressing a wide variety of medical conditions, and I recommend their services without reservation.”

Lynnae Gliege
Eagle, Idaho
“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how totally impressed we are with what Tony has done for us. Just as he knew he would, Tony has converted one of the biggest skeptics, my husband, to a believer in acupuncture. He will no longer suffer with those debilitating episodes with his back that long again. Although he has yet to experience a set back since he has last seen Tony, now he knows exactly how to treat it! I must admit, I was waiting until allergy season really hit to see if the treatment Tony gave Josh really worked. Now that the pollen levels for grass (one of his biggest triggers) have reached the extreme levels, Josh is almost a normal human. He is just a little bit stuffy. Given the fact that he is now taking NOTHING for his allergies, this is huge!! He was taking Singulair, Claritin and pseudoephedrine daily, with little relief. He is outside playing golf almost daily, and without having to deal with such severe allergies, his is having a great year! We have literally spent thousands of dollars trying to treat his allergies, and we were considering spending thousands more on allergy shots. I’m so glad that I called you instead!!! Thanks for everything!! ”

Kimberly Lohman Suiters
TV News Reporter/Anchor
Washington, D.C.
“The first time I stepped into the Eagle Acupuncture, I immediately felt the healing begin to take place. Kristen and Tony Burris’ peaceful clinic is a reflection of who they are: highly-trained professionals who care intensely about the physical and emotional well-being of their patients. I continue to trust both Kristen Burris and Tony Burris with my medical needs, which have ranged from arthritis and dry eye to pregnancy and migraine headaches. They are both as knowledgeable as they are tender. Having lived in many different parts of the country, I have yet to find two acupuncturists who are as skilled, as successful, and as passionate about Oriental medicine as Kristen Burris and Tony Burris are.”

Crystal Friday
Eagle, ID
“I was so pleased with the results I received from Tony Burris. I am a very conservative western medical gal. I found myself in such chronic pain three months after a shoulder injury that I could only survive the day on heavy pain medication. I was willing to try anything. You were so kind and positive. Acupuncture made me nervous. I thought it would hurt. You were very informative and gentle. After two treatments I felt measurable improvement and by the fifth treatment I was almost pain free. Thank you for your knowledge and helping me through a tough time.”

C.J. Petrovsky
Eagle, ID
“After undergoing sinus surgery twice and trying pretty much every sinus remedy I could find, I was still coping with daily congestion, frequent infections and routine headaches, often severe. I’d almost come to accept that I was consigned to chronically feeling sub-par or worse, unless I wanted to be essentially permanently on antibiotics…which never worked completely either. Kristen’s treatment regimen, a combination of acupuncture and herbal supplements, improved my symptoms immediately and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in literally decades. Amazing!”

Christine Pickerel
Boise, ID
“I sought treatment for chronic pain, inflammation, incontinence, MS and fibromyalgia. I came in with tension, pain and despair. Kristen listened to me and now I’m walking in the clouds. I can breathe, relax and think without pain or strain. Kristen lifted it all out from deep throughout my body freeing me to enjoy living again. I feel young and I feel great!”

Samia McCall
Boise, Idaho

“Thanks in part to all of your help, my labor was fast and efficient
and I did it without any pain medication. I can’t thank you enough
for helping to make the birth that I wanted a reality.”

Kelly McCauley
San Diego, CA
“I was 42 years old, skeptical about acupuncture, yet desperate to stack any odds in my favor to conceive a healthy child. I was referred to Kristen by a dear friend who actually alerted me to the fact that acupuncture could help.

Here was my experience with Kristen; I conceived through IVF having been given a less than 5% chance of becoming pregnant (that was before they only harvested 1 egg, so the odds were probably worse). I had the easiest pregnancy I’d ever heard of, no morning sickness, was full of energy, felt fantastic and worked worked until the weekend I delivered.

Kristen was by my side and treated me during the embryo transfer, that was profoundly calming during a high stress situation. She then treated me throughout my pregnancy. I am convinced that Kristen’s treatments are why I have a healthy, happy, charming miracle of a daughter. I would highly recommend her or Tony to anyone considering acupuncture.”

DSC_0412Ashley Brown
Emmett, ID

“Eagle Acupuncture has changed my life. After going through five deaths in my family within a six month period, my stress level was out of control. Nothing in my body was functioning correctly. My husband and I made the decision to start a family; That was over a year ago. Western medicine doctors suggested a diagnosis of PCOS, then put me on Clomid. After months of synthetic fertility drugs, two miscarriages, and feeling a loss of hope, and new found cysts in my breasts, I knew I had to do something different. After my first treatment of acupuncture it was the most relaxed I had felt in years. Kristen LISTENED to what I had to say and we came up with a plan. Now, after only two months of acupuncture and herbal medicine, I am a changed person. I feel excited about life, my cycles are regular, I’m ovulating, my breasts cysts are much smaller, and I have better control over my stress. Tony and Kristen have made all the difference and I would recommend them to all. Thank You so much!

I’d like to add that with the caring, natural approach from Eagle Acupuncture, my husband and I are expecting a baby boy at the beginning of January! Thank you Kristen and Tony!”

Therese Magner
Eagle, ID
“My experience with Kristen and acupuncture was life changing and enabled me to control localized pain in my lower back from residual kidney stones. Tony has a gentle and patient soul that made my Tai Chi experience a practice that I work at daily whether I’m standing in the shower, dealing with patients at work or reflecting on a beautiful day at the park.
What I admire the most about them is that they are a team. They have small children, are building a medical practice and must have many plates that they are juggling, yet they make time to hold hands, reflect in simple beauty and give the gift of hope to people open to an alternative method of healing. Thank you.”

Dr. Cynthia Robertson, M.D.
San Diego, CA

“It is hard to fit so many good thoughts about your work into just a few sentences. Both Kristen Burris and Tony Burris have been of great help to me both personally and professionally. I have observed the effectiveness of their work and have received acupuncture from each of them with considerable success.”

Rick Allen
San Francisco, CA
“I came to Tony Burris mainly due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I had been told by my doctor that I should have surgery. Tony took the time to listen to me, uncovering other areas along with my primary illness that he could help me overcome with acupuncture. Tony was quite kind, gentle, professional and dedicated to helping me. I never felt any pain. My carpal tunnel disappeared after a few treatments. I strongly encourage you to make Tony your acupuncturist. Be prepared to be amazed!”

Eagle, ID

“After almost 2 months of a non-stop, heavy period, I had acupuncture treatment by Kristen. The next day, it completely stopped and and now I am back to my normal cycle. Thank you, Kristen.”

Dr. Steve Meister, M.D.
San Diego, CA
“I had the opportunity to work closely with Kristen Burris during a month-long rotation at the San Diego Hospice. She worked exceedingly well with Western-trained physicians. She never offered to treat anything outside her scope of practice, and was genuinely helpful in offering possible treatment solutions to patients with difficult treatment dilemmas. She demonstrated this on me with a very short acupuncture treatment for a left trapezium spasm from which I have been completely cured.”

Jana Gabrione
Chicago, IL
“After years of dealing with infertility, I was lucky enough to find Kristen and Tony Burris. My weekly acupuncture treatments not only helped me to mentally deal with the stress, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness that come with infertility, but also helped us achieve our goal of finally becoming pregnant! I saw Kristen Burris and Tony throughout our entire IVF process and we had success on the first try. Undoubtedly, their care and dedication to my treatment helped prepare my mind and body for a successful pregnancy. Because I had experienced several miscarriages, I continued to see Kristen through my first trimester and am now almost 7 months pregnant. I highly recommend their services to anyone interested in alternative medicine, whether for infertility or any other reason.”

Lisa Gloff
San Diego, CA
“Going to get help for low energy and soreness, this acupuncture center has been a tremendous help for me. They recommended me going for three weeks, so my body can adjust to the acupuncture’s relaxing, (compared to other acupuncturists) treatment. I have taking their suggestion in receiving acupuncture for three weeks now and do feel that their practice has helped my energy and body aches to seem much more less. I do recommend the treatment they offer and I personally am so glad I have stumbled across this acupuncture center.”

Erica Rihter
San Diego, CA
“I went to see Kristen because I had severe PMS symptoms (bloating, breast tenderness, headache, out-of-control appetite, irritability, cramps, etc.). I had it all. The pain on a scale of 1-10 was a 12+. As soon as I got my period, I was in so much pain I had to take 2 days off work because I could not function. I used a heating pad, hot baths and painkillers.I had very painful cramps all my life.

Now I’m pre-menopausal things got even worse.My doctor and some of my friends who went through it said it will only get worse with age.I got to the point where I was in so much pain that I could not get up from bed. I did not want to accept the fact that “it will only get worse”. My massage therapist recommended Kristen. I do not like needles but at that point I would have done anything and everything to stop the pain.I started with 2 treatments a week for one month. I got my first period after one month of treatment and I would call it a MIRACLE! I barely had any bloating. The breast tenderness was hardly noticeable. I had no headache at all, my appetite was normal and the excruciating cramps became just a slight discomfort.

Ladies, if you have any PMS problems, DON”T WAIT! You don’t have to suffer. Make an appointment with Kristen. I wish I’d known about it before. And I didn’t even feel the needles.”

Marc Goldberg
San Diego, CA
“I believe one of the main reasons my wife and I could have our child was because of the Eagle Acupuncture. Thank you for everything.”

Kerry Hubbert
Borrego Springs, CA
“What I found when I came to the center was much more than I was searching for! Kristen and Tony Burris are much more than good acupuncturists. The knowledge and touch they have for healing the whole body is awesome! Not only have they helped me with replacing estrogen with Chinese herbal medicine to balance my hormones, but the treatments that I receive to support this change are wonderful. I have never felt the calmness, peacefulness and serenity from anything else in my life. I only wish I could get a treatment everyday! I wholeheartedly recommend Eagle Acupuncture to anyone who has an imbalance that has not been remedied through other channels or like myself wanted a natural remedy to balance my body and enrich my spirit.”

Antoinette Thomas, Ph.D.
London, United Kingdom
“My acupuncture work with Kristen Burris has been a critical part of my fertility treatment. Emotionally, her graceful, healing style soothes me during this trying time. Physically, her expert touch has improved and enhanced my well-being. My confidence in both Kristen and my treatment is strong. I am grateful that I have found such a qualified and delightful practitioner in women’s health.”

testimony Allison MAllison Mewes
Boise, ID
“I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Eagle Acupuncture for helping me overcome my post-partum issues. After giving birth, I experienced severe post-partum anxiety, anemia and insomnia. New moms know gthey won’t get much sleep, but I couldn’t sleep even when our baby slept. I knew something was wrong! With the help of Kristen Burris’ acupuncture treatments, support and naturalistic tools, I’ve been able to significantly minimize these issues. I was an acupuncture skeptic– now I highly recommend it to new mamas as an amazing post-partum treatment!”